«Bolashak» career centre

Launched on September 8, 2014, the "Bolashak" Career Center Project is designed for young people, including recipients of "Bolashak" scholarship to promote their career and professional growth. By now, we have accomplished a base of experts and made the platform,which are available at www.hr.bolashak.kz We are building relationship with job seekers and employers considering them our target audience in some ways. The first is to assist in finding vacancies given their qualifications, experience and abilities. For that, we apply tools such as: mass emailing among employers and applicants, mailing in social media, work at applications with the following sending to employers, forming the base of partners of project, that made up of large and leading companies, enterprises and others.

Activated on February 24, 2015, the Career Center’s moduleis available at www.bolashak.kz, more specifically www.hr.bolashsak.kz. This is a well-packed employment site where any employer would place vacancies after authorization, and any authorized job seeker could reply by sending his application.

The manager is serving to select applications according to employers inquires, and to find a suitable candidate in database.

Another direction of Career Center activity is to vigorously help project participants in their professional and personal growth. We provide a lot of learning events, namely seminars, trainings, coaching sessions by involving highly qualified mentors only. Applicants could participate in these trainings at pro bono basis. Each of trainings brings participant a certificate, which is also considered a tool to encourage growth of qualifications and of skills.

Within built career platform we are tracing actual vacancies, and make all participants aware on the latest trends in labor market. While informing applicants on vacancies that suitable for their skills, and on selection criteria for a vacant seat, we often suggest them trainings and master-classes from members of our Association.

To know more: +7 (7172) 707 669, 8701683 37 70