Who are we?

Us, holders of the Kazakhstan President'sInternational Scholarship «Bolashak», and progressive young professionals thinkourselves as a country's tomorrow.
Bolashak is a future. The future of relatives ofour own, of country, of native nation. And we don't care what kind of futurewould be tomorrow. Therefore, we build it with the hands of our own, here andnow.
Together we create a thriving, stable andcompetitive Kazakhstan.

If you care about the country you will live intomorrow - PROPOSE! CREATE! GO ON!

Whether outside or inside our homeland werepresent the Presidential program. Being entrusted by the Head of State, andbeing embraced the Nation's expectations and hopes, we are coffered by thepeople on responsibility for the Kazakhstan future.

A Member of Association is allowing himselfjustified to be a true patriot not because he is a Kazakh, nor born inKazakhstan neither speaks State language, but because he is able to do hisshare of in favor of whole Kazakhstan Nation, but private. Those of us whorealize that the country's prosperity depends on a well-being of every one, whois able to contribute to the whole society, not to his family alone.

The Association's Members are active andprogressive young people, and they adhered to any apply resources, talents andabilities of their own, to express themselves in something else outside mainoccupation.

We give an excellent opportunities to revealyour volunteered and professional potential in transfer of knowledge andexperience, in casting of professional community and intellectual nation, indevelopment and saving of traditions.

Sharing our advanced knowledge and ideas withcolleagues, relatives and friends, we develop both ourselves and those whostand with us, and by that we develop our state, business and civil society.Thus, we are changing the surrounding life to a better and promote Kazakhstansustainable development.

«Bolashak» is a tomorrow. A future is creatingby the Association right now.


for improving the life around us


To make abilities and talents come true, and toembody ideas and aspirations

The Association «Bolashak» is a

Transfer of knowledge

  • Educational exhibitions and scientific-practicalconferences
  • Workshops and trainings over criticalthinking, promote innovative projects, orientation in information flows,enhance the skills and professional orientation and others.
  • Lectures and meetings with students to explainthe mechanisms of realization of the Kazakhstan President's Messages to apeople of Kazakhstan and of state development programs
  • Coaching on professional and personal growth.

Generating ideas

  • Initiate broad discussions on topical issues,organizing expert groups on the state language development, on the actual law,agribusiness, Kazakhstan Internet space and IT, the Association's Press Club,and others.
  • Formation of expert community: foresightseminars, meetings, start-up platforms, interactive think tanks, intellectualworkshops, innovative competitions.
  • gathering information on youth local issues todevelop measures of coherent solutions.


  • Revealing and professional support of talentedyouth, e.g. among children in Kazakhstan orphanages;
  • Informational support and assistance incarrying out of charitable actions;
  • Master classes for orphans to raise personalculture, social adaptation and professional orientation.

Saving traditions and continuity of generations

  • Sharing experiences of recipients differentyears graduated, mentoring,
  • National cultural and entertaining activities;
  • Mission «of public ambassadors», formation ofpositive image of Kazakhstan abroad.


  • Annual Forums of «Bolashak recipients: potential realization»
  • Business forums, job fairs with a view topractical implementation of the intellectual, creative, personal potential ofthe «Bolashak»Program recipients
  • Learning and experienced practices,internships in state and business structures;
  • Formation of youth personnel reserve;
  • Call-center - timely information on topicalissues of «Bolashak» scholarship, operational consulting;
  • HR-center - assistance to recipients infinding job in accordance with their skills, experiences and abilities